America Unearthed – Menehune of Hawaii

by Sidnee on January 6, 2014

Early in 2013 I was contacted by a producer for Community Films, who ran across this website (actually, its predecessor while putting together a segment on the Menehune of Hawaii for the History 2 Channel. We began a series of conversations about evidence of Menehune habitation on Kaua’i. Committee Films producer, Sergio Rapu, is the son of a former governor of Easter Island, or Rapa Nui. Sergio lived with his family on Oahu for a time while growing up, and attended Punahou in Honolulu before going on to the Mainland for college. We had many areas of common interest. His interest in our mutual research encouraged me to broaden my scope and redirect my search.

My primary work on the Menehune up to this time had grown from my NaPali coast experience and research. But Kaua’i has been my major point of reference,  and Sergio asked me if I would discuss the Menehune Ditch, which is near the town of Waimea on the South Shore, for the History 2 Channel segment.

Figuring it would be a great opportunity to look into the mysterious archaeological marvel called the Menehune Ditch that I had seen and read about only in books, I agreed. Built centuries ago on the near the confluence of the Waimea River, the Menehune Ditch is thought to be one of, if not THE, premier examples of prehistoric stonework on the Hawaiian Islands. I became well-acquainted with the site, and  the stories associated with it before filming at the Ditch last June. I now know the “ditch” to be Kiki-a-’Ola (water course of ‘Ola) from the old Hawaiian stories.

I am beginning to post my research on Kiki-a-’Ola to this site. It is extensive, and revealing. Some of the research has surprisingly been used very little to establish the existence of an ancient race of stonecutters and farmers living in the mountains of Kaua’i for hundreds of years before the arrival of the Tahitians in the 11th century. Most of this research will be posted under Kiki-a-’Ola (Menehune Ditch).

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