Kenneth R. Howe – Vaka Moana

Editor of Vaka Moana – Voyages of the Ancestors, The Discovery and Settlement of the Pacific. In 2006, K.R.Howe compiled this richly illustrated account of Pacific voyaging, with the latest findings from world authorities on the discovery and settlement of the Pacific Islands.

Vaka Moana was published “to support a major international touring exhibition of the same name…with fascinating insights interwoven with…photographs, artefacts, maps and diagrams, which together tell a story that is a testament to the ingenuity and bravery of humankind.”

Topics covered in this comprehensive compilation include

  • the human settlement of the globe
  • origin traditions of Pacific peoples
  • important findings in archaeology, linguistics and enetic studies
  • traditional canoe building and sailing techniques
  • pre-instrument navigational systems
  • ancient Pacific voyaging and trading routes
  • the arrival of the West and its impact on Pacific peoples
  • the modern revival by today’s Pacific peoples of canoe building and traditional navigation.

Contributors include

  • K.R. Howe, Professor of History at Massey University – Albany, Auckland – on the Pacific Islands as the last frontier for human settlement; Western ideas about Islanders’ origins
  • Rawiri Toanui, Head of the School of Maori and Indigenous Studies, University of Canterbury-¬† on Polynesian Oral Traditions
  • Geoffrey Irwin, Professor of Archaeology, University of Auckland – on Voyaging and Setlement
  • Ben Finney, Professor of Anthropology, University o Hawai’i – on Ocean Sailing Canoes, Navigation, and the Pacific Sailing Renaissance
  • Roger Neich, Curator of Ethnology/Professor of Anthropology, Auckland War Memorial Museum, University of Auckland – on Pacific Voyaging After the Exploration Period
  • Anne Salmond, Professor of Maori Studies and Social Anthropology, University of Auckland – on Encounters between European and Polynesian sailors

with additional material contributed by:

  • Sir Thomas Davis
  • Marianne¬† George
  • Ho Chuan Kun
  • Sam Low
  • Peter J. Matthews
  • Eric Metzgar
  • Anna Meyer
  • David Penney


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